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We Love - Vision Boards

I'm a huge fan of vision boards. Vision boards are a way of taking what is already inside of your head, and mapping it out on paper or digitally, in a visual format. It is great way to clarify your thoughts, and as you move through the process of bringing your vision to life, you'll begin to see where you can make adjustments, increase efforts, or focus through the activity of vision board interpretation.

Humans are visual creatures. Take a look at these quick points by science organization Seyens. You can read all the points on their website but they confirm:

  • Half of the human brain is directly or indirectly devoted to processing visual information.

  • The brain can identify images seen for as little as 13 milliseconds.

  • At least 65 % of people are “visual learners”.

  • Humans have a remarkable ability to remember pictures.

  • Presentations using visual aids were found to be 43 % more persuasive than unaided presentations.

  • What our eyes see can influence what we hear, which is called the “McGurk Effect”.

In the world that we live in today we are bogged down by an abundance of visual stimulation. Think about it. Where and when do you get a moment when you're not looking at something. Really only when you sleep, or close your eyes. This amount of visual stimuli is forcing your brain to process the colors, words, shapes, and figures in front of you, and while I have not looked into whether anyone has studied this or not, I believe that this causes your brain to become fatigued, and can block you from tapping into what is already inside of you, and what you already know just by being you. Let's call this problem having an "innate vision block".

Through the process of vision boarding, and vision board interpretation, I have been able to counteract innate vision block. I have a special method that I follow when making vision boards. It's like combining "the secret, and "feng shui". All the artists we work with at Bootstrap create a vision board, sometimes multiple ones, following this process.

When I started this company, of course, I created a vision board for it. Let's break it down. At the top in the little apron is me! ☺️ The chef of this lil operation, radiatiating out good vibes! In my head I see all of the beautiful (and hard) work of this business.

The bridge is placed between the growth of our client's business and the central statements of what clients come to us with. We serve as the bridge between the two. We are the umbrella, on the right, protecting your success.

Coming soon means that projects take time, and of course, social media plays a part in what we do. On the left side, we have the palm tree because we're based in beautiful Miami, Florida and the beehive because our team is busy!

The rest of the board is made up of text which you can read below. There is a lot of empty space around the vision board to make room for new things to come!

I'm sharing the Bootstrap Publications vision board with you here to help explain a little more about what we do, and if you're considering working with us, what we can do for you. You can also read more about us in earlier blog posts. Like this one or this one.

Thinking about publishing a book, and like what you've learned about us? Reach out. Looking forward to hearing from you!

In community spirit,

Founder, Bootstrap Publications



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