Bootstrap Publications is a boutique publisher. We provide professional services and support to a select group of artists annually. This allows us to form intimate, and personalized working relationships. We are a family. As you grow, we grow. 


In partnership with the artist, we support the development of their work. Together we execute an organized plan, with the ultimate goal for the artist to be matched with a larger publisher of their choosing, and to feel empowered, and learn throughout the process.


Want your project to be considered? Email the following information to


- Cover letter

- Samples of your work

- Your goals 


Loving one of our talented artists?


Let's work together.

Step one, get a pair of boots.

Step two, contact us.


Logistics Lead - Miriam Dorsett

Details Doctor - Joshua Bristol

Reality Counsel - Sarah Beth


You may also be interested in our open requests for proposals. Which are posted here.


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