Project 5000

According to the Read2Learn program, 1 in 3 children in Miami-Dade County do not have a book to read at home.


"When I heard that 5000 books we're given away each week through the Read 2 Learn program I made the commitment to be responsible for at least one week's worth. To accomplish this goal we've partnered with Authors to resell their work and the books we sell will go directly to the Read 2 Learn program.

Thank you for your support!

- Miriam Dorsett

Founder Bootstrap Publications

How you can help:


Buy a book


Donate a book

Donate a children's book, or books you own but no longer use. You can use USPS to ship them to:

Bootstrap Publications

1951 NW 7th Ave suite 600

Miami, Fl 33136

Ask for media rates when shipping books

Donate funds


Combining your donation and the support of self-published children's book Authors everywhere Bootstrap Publications has committed to supporting this effort until we have provided a weeks worth of books to the Read 2 Learn program. Every dollar that is donated will be used to purchase books to reach the 5000 goal.

To become a corporate sponsor please email

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