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When John Lane successfully graduated from college, he took the initiative to self-publish a book titled "HOW TO GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE DEBT-FREE." Eager to share the secrets that helped him achieve a debt-free graduation, John offers readers practical advice, shares inspiring stories, and provides useful exercises within the pages of his book.

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John comes from a family of real estate professionals. He grew up learning about the industry both from the professionals point of view and the investors point of view. His interest expanded onto business and entrepreneurship, which led him to his B.S. and MBA.

After working for almost 10 years as a certified financial planner in the wealth management industry, John found a way to combine his roots with his skills by joining Legacy Wealth Management as a wealth manager for affluent individuals and business owners. There he offers clients comprehensive services in personal and business financial planning, tax planning, estate planning, and investment advisory. His goal is to help his clients build wealth while minimizing taxes.

His first book, How to Graduate College Debt Free, was modeled after his own experience as a college student obtaining both his Bachelors degree and MBA without accumulating debt. provides valuable information for any high school or current college students who wants to gain financial freedom and independence and throw their cap in the air on graduation day knowing they are debt-free!

Now a father of four, his next book, The Monster of Money, not only gets parents, families and their children thinking about financial health at an even earlier age, it provides them with the education needed to navigate wealth systems.

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