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Archive Titles

Five Steps to Finding Your Purpose and Destiny
A guide to help you find the true you!
Author: Marlie Love
Foreword by Dr. Hakeem Collins
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What Should I Caption This Picture
A scrapbook for the modern age.
Author: M Dorsett
Limited Edition print - sold out
During These Days
The first ever to be published collection of poetry by The Poetic Therapist.
Author: Muriel Medina 
Cover art by: Aquarella
Available for preorder at
What did we do for this project?
  • Creative consultation with Author
  • Sourced and secured cover artist
  • Negotiated agreements
  • Built promotional website
  • Social media promotion
Client testimonial:
"Thank you for all the help. I am very grateful! You taught me so much and motivated me to get this book completed"
Dust on the Record
A collection of poetry and prose about love, society subconscious,
gunk, the experience of becoming one with your demons, and women.
Author: Corey Banana
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