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Step into the world of Damien Hunter's espionage thriller with the music that inspired the story. Immerse yourself in the gripping atmosphere and pulse-pounding moments of The Madrinega Missiles.

Chapter 1: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - The Eurhythmics, 1983

Chapter 7: Los Peludos — El Quinto Sol, 1983

Chapter 12: Goza Negra - Celia Cruz, La Sonora Matancera, 1956

Chapter 31: Jingo - Carlos Santana, 1969

Chapter 37: It's a Mistake - by Men at Work, 1982



The New Che Guevarra.png

They called her the “New Che Guevara”

Madrinega, 1983: At the height of the CIA’s war on Nicaragua, the U.S. sends General Eduardo Vilar, dictator of Madrinega, six cruise missiles to fight La Frente, his own insurgents.  But when he uses one to destroy a hospital, the guerillas attack and seize the remaining weapons.  Leighton, an American agent, goes undercover as a journalist to infiltrate La Frente, locate the missiles, and arrange their extraction before the guerillas can turn them on Vilar.  His provocative reporting probing the hospital attack, while garnering credibility with the rebels, leads to a deadly encounter with Vilar’s Secret Police.  The guerillas intervene to save him, and he encounters Zorrita, the dedicated revolutionary who leads them.  The woman the CIA calls “the new Che Guevara” now holds Leighton’s life in her hands – but she too will kill him if she discovers his duplicity.


This was a great read! It was very hard to put both books down. I loved how Hunter was able to give us great detail of the interactions between the main character Leighton and his love Zorrita. The character build up for Leighton was truly exciting. It painted a perfect picture of his ups and downs, and how his mission and values changed throughout the story. I loved how the love story between Zorrita and Leighton was described and didn't seem forced but genuine. Great story, I want more!!!!!!

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Behind the Book: The Madrinega Missiles with Damien Hunter


Damien Hunter is the author of Secrets of State, the first novel in the Jeigh Leighton series, to which The Madrinega Missiles is a prequel.  An aviation enthusiast and former political consultant, he is a supporter of The Aerospace Museum of California.  A native of the Bay Area, he divides his time between consulting, travel, and writing the Jeigh Leighton novels.

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