We're not the publisher of choice for Rupi Kaur, James Patterson, or Stephen King. But that's ok. Because you are you. Not them.

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Josh Bristol
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August Lewis
The Lion and The Elephant
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M Dorsett
The Lion and The Elephant
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Corey Banana 
Dust on The Record
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Ben Stein
Little Benny Piggy
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A Hemp Story
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We're a determined, ambitious, and hungry team with experience in the professional world.

We attend publishing conferences on behalf of our clients.

We publish books.

We negotiate deals.

We create and execute marketing strategies.

We can write, edit, and sell.

We don't just talk the talk. We walk the walk.

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The Lion and The Elephant
A children's art book about the journey of life and friendship. Learn more.
Author: M Dorsett
Illustrated by August Lewis
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Dust on the Record
A collection of poetry and prose about love, society subconscious, gunk, the experience of becoming one with your demons, and women.
Author: Corey Banana
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Five Steps to Finding Your Purpose and Destiny
A guide to help you find the true you!
Author: Marlie Love
Foreword by Dr. Hakeem Collins
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A children's book about being yourself.
Author: Joshua Aaron Bristol
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Negotiate to Win: Gaining the Psychological Edge 2nd Edition
A Management and Leadership book.
Author: Alan Schoonmaker
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