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Who We Are

Bootstrap Publications (BP) is proud to be going into it’s 2nd year of business! We are a boutique publisher based in Miami, FL. Our name captures the essence of what we do. We work, and we work hard. Every year we choose to work with a small group of artists. You can call them writers, authors, poets, creatives, whatever makes sense to you. They are hard workers too. Together our goals are to: Educate, empower, encourage exploration, and get them signed.

You see, when you have an idea whether it be a book, or something else, chances are you have a lot of questions about how to make it happen. It’s not like they teach you in school how to become a best selling author!

What’s that quote about teaching someone to fish…? You all know it I’m sure. I think it goes, if you give someone a fish you will feed them for a day, but if you teach someone how to fish you will feed them for a lifetime. Or something like that.

At BP we don’t just feed our artists. We teach them how to feed themselves, AND we expect for them to teach others. What it comes down to is information. Or really the lack of it. If the artists that we worked with had all the information that we do, they probably wouldn't need us! One of our goals is to give artists all the information that we have so that they can make the best decisions for their projects, empowering them.

Another way that we empower our artists is by standing by them. It is scary to put out your thoughts, opinions, or creations, for all to see. Especially in a medium that will last forever. We help artists get over the oh so common “perfectionist syndrome” that holds so many back from achieving their goals.

Of course there are times where we at BP don’t have all of the information. In those cases we work with our artists to get it. They go out and hunt for it. We encourage that exploration. We do the same, and we come back and compare. Then we make the best decision on how to move forward together. We are on the road to success together.

Our ultimate goal is to have an artist who is educated, empowered, and confident enter the larger world of publishing. We want them to retain their voice as we find the perfect larger publisher for them to work with, to feel prepared going into that situation, able to stand on their own, and to know that we at BP will always have their back.

Check out some of the artists that belong to the BP family. Engage with us on our parent brand’s Facebook or directly with me on Instagram!



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