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What We Do

In short, what we do at Bootstrap Publications is work our butts off to get our artists published, and ultimately signed with a larger publisher. We don’t just talk the talk. We walk the walk. The first step is getting to know our artists, their body of work and building a relationship of trust. We need to know what their goals and vision are not just for this project, but beyond that so we can help them best get there.

Everything that we do is curated and intentionally designed as part of a larger journey.

Depending on what phase the artist is on their project we go through the process of following a simple checklist to get their book published. This covers everything from coming up with the idea and concept of the book, to marketing it!

During each step we explain what we’re doing and why we are doing it with the artist. That way they understand how to do it on their own, and the importance of the step. This also makes it easy for them to pick up the project and keep going in case they need to pause in the middle of it for any reason. Sometimes this happens! The artists that we work with usually are not able to dedicate one hundred percent of their time to the project. They are doing it in addition to everything else they have going on and life interrupts the process sometimes.

To learn more you can check out these previous posts! Get to know us deeper by connecting with our parent brand on Facebook, or directly with me on Instagram!



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