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A Cover That Counts

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

The internet is riddled with articles about best practices for designing your book cover. We’ve scoured them and agree with a lot of the information out there. The cover of your book is important especially if one of your main goals is to sell a ton of books. We did see some gaps though, and will talk about them here in this post.

What if your goal isn't just to sell a ton of books? If you want to get your project out there, the cover becomes a step in the process. In this digital age you can redesign and update your cover as many times as you want!

You can also release different versions of the same book with different covers! Why not!? It makes it fun and allows the reader to choose a cover that they like the most. Several of our book covers are designed by the authors themselves. A piece of art that goes with the project.

We have also gone the route of hiring professional book cover designers using the RFP process. Don’t know what an RFP is? Check out this blog post on the details and benefits. Another fun option we have used is to involve your fan base or those that have placed preorders. Sending them a short survey choosing between cover options, or posting it as a poll on social media can help you get feedback, and engage people in your project.

Besides the normal best practices of colors, text and font choices + placement, compelling imagery, and going glossy vs matte, making sure that your book cover image is of high quality is very important. That way the printing comes out looking good.

Whatever you decide, don’t get hung up forever on this decision. Remember you can always change it, and when you get signed by a huge publishing agency, they will have thoughts on your cover and probably advise you about choices you never thought of. So just get your book out there!

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