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We Love: RFPs

Wait, whats an RFP? #amirite?! RFP stands for request for proposal. A company will put out an RFP when they are searching for another company to work with on a project. The RFP outlines what is required, needed, and usually the budget for the project as well.

Since we are a boutique publishing brand, we put out RFPs all the time. We would not be able to complete our projects without the help of other artists. Working with other companies on projects has so many benefits. If you are currently not using RFPs in your business to complete projects, you may want to consider it. Here is why:

  1. Maximize productivity: Publishing a book or completing any project usually will take a lot of steps. Which means it’s going to take a lot of time. When people come together to complete the project you can get it done faster. Spreading the work across groups of people makes it a team effort so that everyone can focus on what they do best. It’s effective and efficient.

  2. Fresh ideas: When you bring in someone new to a project, they’re going to bring a different perspective and offer fresh ideas and creativity to the project. They’ll also spark inspiration and give you their opinion on what will make the project most successful. People also feel happy about helping you with your project which at the end of the day makes the world a better place. Because more happy people is better for us all. #Collaborationovercompetition

  3. Meet people: Putting out a request for proposal gives you the opportunity to meet other people that are doing things in your field and are interested in your project.

  4. Spread awareness: Making an RFP gives you the opportunity to spread awareness about your project. You get to share it on social media and other people will share it as well. This gets the word out and gives you steam as you’re working the project and putting everything together. The end result being more people knowing about it, and rallying behind you when the project is complete.

Need an example of how to put together an RFP? Check out the "work with us" area of our website! If you have questions, reach out and engage with us on our Facebook page or directly with me on Instagram.

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