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Writing Tips: A Compilation

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

If you're a writer or aspiring writer/author chances are you've experienced some sort of writers block during your journey. This is normal and every writer goes through this. With time and commitment you can get through it! For this month I've compiled a list of writing tips from various Authors that may help!

  1. Create a music playlist for writing only. Make it for at least three hours so you know for three hours you’ll be motivated to write. Be sure to not get up from writing until that playlist is over.

  2. If you're writing a book it make it all about numbers. Structure is your friend, so start with knowing how many chapters you want to make and name them.

  3. Write one chapter per month. That way you can spend every month thinking only in that topic.

  4. Start writing without thinking about the whole book.

  5. If you think about something unrelated with the current chapter put it in a content pool and keep going.

  6. Join Facebook writing groups. There you can find mentors for all the different aspects of writing and publishing. From book writing to marketing.

  7. Do your research on agents and publishers. Many Authors get taken advantage of. Look for any complaints about payments, disappearing publishers websites and vanity URLs.

  8. Read and understand submission guidelines, never pay for anything until you fully understand what you're getting and paying for.

  9. Use easy readable language, small sentences which convey meaning and add to the thought process thus moving the story ahead.

  10. Just start writing. If you don't know what to write about, check out this tool.

Thank you to the following people who contributed to this list:

  • Marlie Love, Author of 5 Steps to Finding Your Purpose & Destiny

  • Oro Padron, Author of 알 반 반, 알 비노 비노

  • Daniel Bogogolela Author of Roses The Chase; an ebook.

  • Dr Sarita Sharma, Author, Poet and Translator Myriad Voices(a collection of short stories)

  • Zackarie Jones, Author of Midnight's Birth

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