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Why A Blog?

black men write blogs and books

Since the launch of Bootstrap Publications in 2017, we haven’t had a blog. Over the course of our first year in business we have learned so much and want to share all of this valuable information! Thus the launch of our blog.

Walking The Walk.

Having a blog allows us to:

  1. Share what we have learned with the world. This includes our failures! Failing is such an important part of the growth process.

  2. Share stories about the amazing artists we’ve worked with and are currently working with. A blog offers another medium to mark their successes and bring attention to them, their work, and their projects.

  3. Bring attention to us. Of course having a blog helps drive traffic to our site! Content is queen after all! By search engine optimizing our posts, we hope to attract the right visitors to our site so they can read about all the amazing things we are doing, and learn and grow with us.

Welcome! To engage with us more join the conversation on Facebook under our parent brand page, or connect with me personally on Instagram!



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