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Press Release - Corey Banana Moves To Miami

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Contact: Corey Banana

Phone: (561) 479-6487

Photos available upon request

MIAMI, FL (04/06/2020) - Author Corey Banana relocated to Miami, Florida from New Castle, Delaware. A move that she had planned on making and despite the Coronavirus situation decided it was necessary to move her career forward. The move is in an effort to accomplish her writing goals and network with other local artists. "Miami has the scenery, weather, food, and art community an artist needs" said Corey. She also felt it was key that Miami boasts a group of local authors and the Miami International Book Fair.

Until now Corey had lived in Delaware all of her life, only spending time away to travel. “Delaware is a small state and doesn’t have a sense of community. I felt like I was inside a little bubble you know? Delaware will do that to you, it’s the first state, tax free so in a way you start to become complacent living there and I didn’t want that for myself or my writing.” She said. "There aren't networking events, major clubs, book fairs, or gatherings for local or small businesses and artists." Corey felt staying there would have greatly prolong her writing career and having three books to offer, she feels confident that Miami will supply her with the tools she needs to get to the next level.

Corey arrived in Miami during COVID-19. It was not how she had planned. “The airport was empty, workers made sure everyone had everything that they needed but there were only ten other people on my flight and I enjoyed having extra space and legroom for free and no crying babies.” So far her transition from Delaware to Miami has been smooth and peaceful. “ Coronavirus is affecting everyone differently. We don’t have any control right now, we have our voices and right now I do feel everyone's voice is being heard during this sensitive time. I’m an optimistic person and the bright side of this situation is we now have the time to return to ourselves, have no agenda other than to experience being: Creating art just for the hell of it, allowing ourselves to cry and laugh! Getting curious about whatever arises in you. These are moments people itch for when they work 40+ hours a week and have a family to take care of. What if our true purpose is being shown to us in plain sight? The truth is normally hidden in plain sight, I would suggest people look at the world with brand new eyes.”

Corey has made other trips to Miami in the past. Her most recent was on November 14th, 2018. She flew to speak at BlackMenWrite event hosted at Tribe co-working space in Overtown. In the next 6 months, Corey Banana will finish her second poetry book Vessels: Volume I, and go back to writing Meeting of The Minds. Corey states “I’m looking forward to connecting with other artists and attending events in Miami. Despite what's going on in the world right now, I feel that this is divine timing for me and I am going to manifest everything I planted.”




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