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Prepping For A Podcast

When you get asked to be on a podcast, or if you’re looking for a podcast to be on, you’ll want to make sure to prepare. Each podcast is going to have a different audience and getting on people’s podcast is a great way to spread the word about your project. At Bootstrap Publications, we always book our artists on at least 2 to 3 podcasts during the time of their project release cycle. This is so they can get comfortable talking about what they’re up to, speaking to and meeting other people, getting out there, and drumming up awareness of their project.

If you are in a situation where you are going to be on a podcast the first things you want to do when you’re prepping for a podcast is speak to the host, do research about them, and see what their style is by listening to their previous podcasts.

Most of them will not provide you with questions that they’re going to ask you beforehand, but if they do that’s great! Make sure you prepare thoughtful responses to those questions. Write them down and practice talking about them so that when you go on the podcast you don’t sound like you’re reading from a script and it comes out naturally.

Do your research about the host. It’s really nice of them to have you on their podcast, so you’ll want to draw conclusions and refer back to other podcasts they have done in the past. This will make it more relevant, and help to engage them in things they’ll be interested in talking about as well, and that will make the conversation more lively and natural. They will definitely appreciate it.

When you’re doing research about the podcast you’re going to be on, find out who the target audience is and who’s going to be listening while you’re on. Make points about your project and how it’s relevant to these people because each unique audience is going to care about different things.

Make sure that when you are scheduling your social media posts leading up to the podcast you look at the platforms that the podcast host is most popular on. Which ones are they using most? Is it Facebook, or is it Instagram? Where do they have the most engagement? Make sure that you’re hitting those platforms prior to going on their podcast when you’re promoting what you are going to be doing.

Make sure that you do prepare and get the word out to your following about the podcast. This does your host a favor too! Part of the reason why people host podcasts is to double down on the marketing opportunity so it’s not just them spreading the word about the podcast, but the person they’re interviewing is doing that as well.

Find out if the podcast is also going to be filmed. If you’re going to be on location, you want to think about your outfit and plan accordingly. Don’t choose busy fabrics, something that’s a solid color and represents your personality is great. Also, bring examples of your work so that you can show them on the video if the podcast is being recorded.

Send your host your press kit or information about you. At minimum, a summary of your project and your bio should be sent over well in advance, so that they have enough time to prepare a marketing kit and get to know you.

The morning of, don’t be nervous! Make sure to eat a good breakfast, lunch, dinner, or whatever meals in advance so that you’re in a nice comfortable state of mind, and your body can focus and relax. And most important of all, have fun!

Hope this is helpful! If you're going to be on a podcast let us know so we can take a listen by connecting with us on Facebook, or directly with me on Instagram.



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