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Pre Order Plan

100% confident you’re publishing your book this year? Taking preorders can provide you with the needed motivation to complete the project, and in some cases the funds!

Here are some things we have learned from taking preorders for our book projects.

  1. Before you put up the preorder link, make sure to calculate all of your costs. You will have to ship these books, or place the orders individually within Amazon. That can be a lot of your time depending on your preorder success.

  2. Consider making a pre order package. If you plan on shipping all of the books yourself, you should sign the books. The preorder can also include a free gift, or audio download of your book. Get creative!

  3. Be realistic. It’s never a best practice of ours to announce an “official” release date until we have the physical copies of the books in our hands. You never know what can happen in the process that can delay or change things. You don’t want to get yourself into a situation where you are disappointing your first fans!

  4. If you don’t want to take actual preorders, you can collect email addresses and send an announcement when the book is ready to order. That way you’re still drumming up excitement about your project, but you can take your time with figuring out the pre order package and all your costs.

Hope these tips give you some food for thought! If you have more questions, connect with us on Facebook, or reach out to me personally on Instagram!



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