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Lesson Learned: Going with the flow

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." -Benjamin Franklin

Here at Bootstrap Publications one of our biggest strengths is having a comprehensive plan of action for each artist that we work with. It includes targets, goals, and of course deadlines. It's really nice to have, but recently we learned a lesson. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

Last year we planned on releasing the book Dust On The Record, by Corey Banana. It was on "the plan" to be released in December 2018. Everything was done, the book looked great. We were just waiting for a proof copy to be delivered to the office for a final review. Day after day went by, as we creeped towards our deadline. Finally it came to the point where I had to break the news to Corey. We were not going to meet the deadline.

Even if I had the book in my hands, taking into account the time to print and ship, it would never make it. We were also approaching the busy season. Things were not looking good. No one was happy with the news. It was a major bummer to the team. This meant a huge delay, pushing until after the holidays and missing a key buying time.

Finally the book came in. I thought it looked great in person and Corey was really happy with it too! I showed it to a colleague who loved poetry as she was around when it arrived. She had a lot to say! I mean major comments on improvements and changes. She had some excellent suggestions, that we ultimately ended up making and made the book 10x better!

Lesson learned, sometimes you just have to go with the flow and be ok with plans changing. Agree or have a similar story!? Share with us on Facebook, or connect on Instagram!



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