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Introducing Anna Chanthavongseng

Anna Chanthavongseng was an Early Childhood Educator and Assistant Director for childcare facilities for over a decade. Her passion for developing meaningful relationships with children and their families has brought her many years of gratitude and joy. Her approach to kinesthetic learning was not only engaging, but fun and most importantly educational.

Her vision of children being enchanted by their natural environment encouraged her to research what it means to be sustainable, thus leading her to a world of agriculture – both above and beneath the soil. During her research, she stumbled upon a crop that was utilized for its multifaceted benefits and applications, from food to fiber to medicine and energy. She decided to advocate for this crop and bring awareness through multimedia content, that included video, infographics, articles, and interviews.

The Hero Seed was inspired by visiting a family farm in Pennsylvania and her personal visit to a farm with her daughter.

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