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Emerging Delaware Artists Partner With Reign Festival

Corey Banana Author of Dust On The Record ( made an appearance this past Saturday, July 13th at the Free Reign Hip Hop Festival in Newark Delaware to do a meet and greet with fans and get feedback on her book which has been submitted to publishing brands and will be released to the public when negotiations close.

The book was well received by locals that came out to enjoy the summer weather, artistic and entrepreneurial vendors, food trucks, and entertainment organized by longtime community activator Vincent Comegys Davis, founder of Street Xpressions Dance Studio where the festival was held. Over 100 people turned up for the festival's fifth year.

Dust on The Record is the first book finished off a series by Banana. Over a year of work became just over 50 poems touching on themes of womanhood and the subconscious of society. The cover of the book was created from a painting by Banana. YouTube influencer Courtney Val gave this testimonial: “Banana conveys a balance between intense power and intense vulnerability. The author takes you along on a passionate and truthful journey of soul searching."

During the festival Banana, who was born in New Castle Delaware, was interviewed by local media rep Thato Dadson, a video will be released shortly. Banana was joined by local painter Tiani Rosado who creates art about women, for women, or for anyone who appreciates a woman.

Banana was signed in 2018 by Bootstrap Publications, a boutique agency in Miami, FL. She looks forward to speaking to local news and media outlets about her project.

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