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The Hero Seed

The Hero Seed


Flat Rate of Author Copies according to the agreement of $10 is charged after the order is made.

  • About the Author

    As a first-generation Lao American, books were considered the pathway to understand the American Language and culture. Early childhood memories were spent walking to the local library, flipping through Highlight Magazines, and writing short stories accompanied by illustrations. 

    Anna Chanthavongseng was raised in the fourth largest city in Pennsylvania; Allentown, PA. A wonderful place to be fully immersed in many cultures and live amongst different ethnicities. Agriculture wasn’t prominent in that area, but her interest in nature was always there. Having studied Early Childhood Education in college, she went to become a Preschool Teacher, a Childcare Facility Director, and then a consultant for beginning childcare operations.

    After birthing her first child, is when she became serious about the conditions of the planet she will be raising her child on. Curiosity brought her to the world of hemp and that is when she heavily started advocating for this multifaceted crop. Starting as a volunteer for the Pennsylvania Hemp Industry Council, Anna met others who were passionate about this crop and benefits. Fast forward years later, she now works for the largest and leading hemp non-profits in the nation and won an international award for her “Hemp Pho” recipe. Because of this journey advocating for hemp, she realized there are not many educational resources on hemp for children, particularly for early childhood. That is when she decided to write an engaging and rhyming book about hemp for children ages 4-8.

    She will continue to educate families and children about hemp not only with her book, but through gamification, various activities, and micro-learning courses.

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