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Writing To Write

Wow! This year just flew by. I can't believe 2020 is here! This first year of the Bootstrap Publications blog has been a great way to stay in the practice of writing. Which is important because I'm not just a Logistics Lead here at BP, I'm also a writer!

The holiday time is always a great time to get writing done. Usually the workload is a bit less because everyone is focused on personal plans. The excitement of the new year means everyone is reflecting and the energy of the holidays keeps spirits high. All great for getting into a writing mood.

If you're struggling to get the pen moving, try this tip I found years ago. Write just to write. Don't put any pressure on what you write, just get started. Look around and write what you see around you. I do this and they make some of the funniest pieces of writing that I have. It usually starts with:

Bella is sleeping (she's often near me when I'm writing). Then usually I'll hear a sound because the world is rarely quiet in my neighborhood, or I have a song playing, so I'll write that next. I continue with talking about whatever else I see as I look around. Nothing is off limits, you can even write about the clothes you are wearing.

Usually this works to get the pen going and one sentence I write will spark from inspiration. I hope it is helpful and that if you enjoy writing you find some time to do a bit during the holidays. Share what you write with us on Facebook, or directly with me on Instagram!

Happy holidays and see you next year!



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