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50 Writing Prompts To Help Beat Writers Block

Facing writers block? Here are 50 prompts to help you get the creative gears moving. These prompts can help you overcome your writer's block by giving you a starting point and explore writing with no pressure. Who knows where it will lead!

  1. Write about a character who wakes up in a different time period.

  2. Describe a place that holds a special memory for your protagonist.

  3. Create a dialogue between two strangers stuck in an elevator.

  4. Write a letter from one fictional character to another.

  5. Explore the concept of a world without the internet.

  6. Write a story that begins with the phrase, "It was a dark and stormy night."

  7. Describe the first day of a new job from the perspective of the employee.

  8. Write a scene where the main character discovers a hidden talent.

  9. Explore the inner thoughts of a superhero's sidekick.

  10. Write about a journey to find a long-lost family member.

  11. Imagine a world where humans have the ability to communicate with animals.

  12. Write a story based on a childhood dream or nightmare.

  13. Describe a moment of unexpected kindness between strangers.

  14. Write a poem about the changing seasons.

  15. Create a conversation between a human and an alien who has just arrived on Earth.

  16. Write about a character who can time-travel but can't control where they end up.

  17. Explore the life of a forgotten historical figure.

  18. Describe a futuristic utopian society and its flaws.

  19. Write a story from the perspective of an inanimate object.

  20. Explore the emotions of someone who has just won the lottery.

  21. Write a dialogue between a skeptic and a believer in the supernatural.

  22. Describe a day in the life of a famous artist or musician.

  23. Create a character who is haunted by a recurring dream.

  24. Write a story inspired by a famous painting or work of art.

  25. Explore the idea of a secret society operating in the shadows.

  26. Write a monologue from the perspective of a villain explaining their motives.

  27. Describe a post-apocalyptic world where humans have to adapt to new conditions.

  28. Write about a character who suddenly gains the ability to speak any language.

  29. Explore the concept of time running backward for a day.

  30. Create a character who can hear other people's thoughts but can't turn it off.

  31. Write a story set in a haunted house with a twist.

  32. Describe a character's transformation after a life-altering event.

  33. Explore the life of a detective trying to solve an unsolvable case.

  34. Write a story from the perspective of an AI or robot gaining sentience.

  35. Describe a family reunion with unexpected guests.

  36. Create a character who can see the future but is powerless to change it.

  37. Write a letter from your future self to your present self.

  38. Explore the concept of parallel universes and a character's journey through them.

  39. Write a scene set in a bustling city during a blackout.

  40. Describe a world where people age backward from old age to infancy.

  41. Write about a character who receives a mysterious package in the mail.

  42. Explore the idea of a virtual reality world that becomes too real.

  43. Write a story from the perspective of an object lost and found.

  44. Create a character who can hear the thoughts of animals but not humans.

  45. Describe a character's encounter with a mythical creature.

  46. Write a dialogue between two time travelers from different eras.

  47. Explore the life of a professional athlete facing retirement.

  48. Write about a character who discovers a hidden passage in their home.

  49. Describe a character's experience with a life-altering decision.

  50. Create a story inspired by a random word you find in a dictionary.



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