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Tall Mountain


Here is a  day-by-day guide to get you on the right path to the best version of you living anxiety free and from a higher level of humanity with less interference from your animal instincts.


Written by G. Cole

G. Cole is an innovator, disruptor, inventor, author, public speaker, brainwave analyst expert, Life Coach, mentor, entrepreneur, healer, teacher, science enthusiast, founder, spiritual guide, creative creator, and thought leader.

As one of the world’s foremost experts in brainwave analysis and neuroplasticity and in his role as Chief NeuroEmpowerment Officer, G. has helped over 2,000 clients (men, women, and children) to transform their lives, analyzed over 200,000 brain map segments; and created and facilitated more than 20,000 sessions. He has literally reviewed more than 1,000,000 minutes of brainwave recordings in this process. He attributes his effectiveness to the study of consciousness through brainwave recordings. He has literally created a lens through which we can view the inner workings of human consciousness as it flows through the nervous system.


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