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Neurotherapy Offers Solution To How COVID Has Impacted Mental Health

By Isabella Trillo

It has been about two years since the whole world was impacted by global pandemic Covid-19. Ever since then, economy, education, society, basically everything has changed. We have gotten used to a new normal, with the masks and social distancing becoming part of our everyday lives. Since lockdown mental health/ suicide rates have significantly increased by 93%. Now, more than ever, solutions and ways of improving these issues are in desperate need.

A solution that is often looked over is Neurotherapy/ Neuroscience. Neurotherapy is “ a drug - free treatment that helps people improve their brain function.” This type of treatment can help with anxiety, depression, fatigue, sleep disorders, which are all the top most reported mental health disorders since the CoronaVirus.

blue brain from pathwaves
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A neurotherapy study has proven that after 30 sessions and heart rate variability training, 57% of people with severe anxiety and 45% of people with depression showed normal brain activity. Although Neuroscience may sound scary, it is a non-invasive treatment and completely painless. It is becoming an innovative approach that many people are recognizing with the rise of mental health disorders.

According to Kristina Robb- Dover in her article ‘How does Neurotherapy work?’, “many people who have experienced upwards of 20-30 neurotherapy sessions have reported no negative side effects. On the contrary, they report decreased stress levels, greater calm and relaxation and reduced symptoms related to their mental health conditions.”

Moreover, Neurofeedback (Neurotherapy), can drastically improve the mental health status of people around the world and improve the way of living during these difficult times. Covid-19 has surely taken a toll on all of our lives and seeking new ways to improve it is exactly what society needs right now.

Bootstrap Publications willl soon be published a book written by G Cole, the founder of Pathwaves. Pathwaves has helped over 1500 clients improve their lives using their brain map segments and nueroempowerment sessions.

Visit their website to learn more.




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