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Introducing Damien Hunter

Damien Hunter, born in 1965, is an author, aviation enthusiast, and former political consultant. He is known for his Jeigh Leighton series and his novel Secrets of State, which received recognition from Writers Digest.

Hunter’s academic journey at the University of California at Berkeley led him to draft a paper on U.S. covert operations against Cuba and their relationship to the Kennedy assassination, which caught the attention of the Central Intelligence Agency. He has since advised officials from the Central Intelligence Agency and contributed to a variety of topics, including firearms regulation and the preservation of California’s aerospace industry.

In addition to his political consulting work, Hunter played an active role in writing California’s first laws regulating both medical and recreational cannabis. His travels to the Caribbean provided material for his second book.

His book, “The Madrinega Missiles”, is a thrilling narrative set in 1983 Central America. It weaves a tale of espionage and revolution, with an American agent navigating a guerilla insurgency to locate seized cruise missiles. Amidst this high-stakes mission, an unexpected romance with the charismatic guerilla leader, Zorrita, unfolds, leading to a deadly collision.

Today, he divides his time between consulting, traveling, and writing his riveting novels.

Explore Damien Hunter’s world on his website below.



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