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Coming in 2021!

I'm excited to announce the projects we're working on in 2021!

A Perfect Moon

By Sipiwe Anderson

Perfect Moon is a poetry book that is "perfect" for helping little ones prep for bed and sleepytime. This will be your childs favorite new bedtime story!

Thank You

By M Dorsett

This interactive movement book teaches children how to start their day with movement and gratitude!

Tell Me Your Best Joke

By M Dorsett

2020 was wild worldwide and we could all use some more laughter in our lives. Grab this book when you're in need of a giggle.

A Hemp Story

By Zach Dorsett

This children's book about the history of hemp has been highly anticipated!

El Lion y El Elefante

By Stef Vidal

The popular gender neutral interactive children's art book has been interpreted and translated into Espanol!

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