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Making a meal should be a peaceful, zen process. Combining Delicious Components is a part cookbook, part history book. The Author comes from humble beginnings and her mom prioritized fresh ingredients but balanced making food enjoyable. These recipes show you new ways to put together ingredients you already love that are easy to make and affordable.


Gathered from friends and family, Zen Comfort Foods features snacks, sandwiches, drinks, and more. Most recipes are vegetarian or can be made with vegetarian-friendly alternatives. Experimentation is encouraged, the instructions are easy to follow, have been tested and allow at-home chef’s to make their own food without worrying about complex instructions that they have to follow precisely. The recipes are often accompanied with personal stories of the people who created the recipe or with explanations on the history, origins, and nutritional information of the dishes and ingredients.

Zen Comfort Food

Expected book launch by 2023
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