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Press Release: Call For Youth Art Submissions

Bootstrap Publications

1951 NW 7th Ave Suite 600

Miami, FL 33136


Contact: Miriam Dorsett, Bootstrap Publications

Phone: 305-857-5913


Click here to view photos available for immediate release.

Call For Youth Art Submissions

Bootstrap Publications is accepting submissions from youth artists for a special edition cover of The Lion and the Elephant Children’s Art Book and other prizes. The submission deadline is December 18th and is open to anyone in the world. Find out more information online at

50 copies of the book along with information about the contest were distributed through Read2Succeed last month as part of their Keep Calm Kits sponsored by Molina Healthcare. The kits are to support children’s mental health and wellness during remote learning. Miami-Dade has gone through an enormous learning change for teachers and students. Remote learning is a big change for both teachers and students, students are adapting to making their remote learning environments more efficient and less stressful for them. Art has been proven to be a great way for children and adults to relieve anxiety and stress. Even if students are not vocal on how they are taking in this new way of learning they definitely need support from teachers and even their parents. Keep Calm Kits contain many items with several and helpful uses to support students in their remote learning environments. You can create your own:


  • Tips on how to reduce stress

  • Crayola silly scented crayons

An easy way to add aroma therapy into a child’s learning environment

  • Bubbles

To help practice longer breathing techniques to release tension and stress

  • Visual timer

To help give a visual reminder to stay focused on the current task at hand

  • Stress ball

To help reduce energy in a positive way

  • Encouraging posters

To help build self esteem

  • “The Lion and the Elephant” coloring book about an unusual friendship and finding kindness in places where you do not expect

To incorporate drawing, to reduce stress and increase imagination while creating the students’ own ending to the story!




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